Ode to Maggie’s Farm

IMG_0177Ode to Maggie’s Farm

Bursting through the doors
of possibility
and surrender,
we built our dreams
not in the sky,
but in our fields.

Sown with soil filled richly,
nutrients aplenty
our hands began to understand
what it means to grow.

Splitting through treesIMG_7807
bark scattering around our boots
-A confetti of the forest-

Looking over to you friend
I see the struggle
to dig into what
it really means
to be a human being.

We carry our axes,
together we move.

-A family of farmers-IMG_0419
with one common thread,
woven through each other.

We stand now at the doorway
of what lies ahead
new habitus in hand.

What is to come shall
-as the cycle continues-
so turns our soil.

These are the words that I found to describe my year spent learning to farm at Maggie’s Farm in Athol and Orange, Massachusetts.


One thought on “Ode to Maggie’s Farm”

  1. What a beautiful surprise and a perfect way to start our day. Your words convey so well your experience… it is the greatest pleasure to read Thank you for this immeasurable gift on such a grey day. Please keep writing it is so good.

    Love you so much, M >

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